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What does it stand for?

Thats normally the first question asked by those who hear the term RAOB. Quite simply it stands for The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes. There, bet your glad you asked now.

What do we do? Well on a basic level, in fact on all levels we raise money for charitable causes. There are numourous ways The RAOB go about doing this either through money raised from meetings, to events organised at a provincial level. We also help support members who are in difficulty. The support of the RAOB does not end there, we continue to help out widows and family members too.

To further enlighten you, The RAOB is set out as a 3-tiered organisation, at the top you have Grand Lodge. Grand Lodge meets 4 times a year and its location changes year on year. The next level down is Provincial Grand Lodge, think of these as mini Grand Lodges. Areas around the world are split into provinces and within these provinces are Minor Lodges, These are the final level in our structure. As you progress down the number increases. A Provincial Grand Lodge is responsible for its province of minor Lodges, Grand Lodge is responsible for the Provinces. Although let that not fool you into beliving a minor lodge is seperate from Grand Lodge, they are essentially one and the same and to coin a phrase - We are ALL Grand Lodge.


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